Below is another email I sent to the Oprah Winfrey show. I dont expect a reply but I just hope and pray she will read this.

I previously wrote to you this morning regarding your upcoming show this Thursday. Most of us in the DOC (Diabetic online community) are VERY apprehensive about how you are going to tackle the many facets of diabetes and the information you put out there to your audience. I think my good friend Kelly, a Type 1 diabetic, says what we feel in the nicest way possible. Please just take a moment to read this blog page, it will only take a few minutes and might open your eyes to the giant picture. http://diabetesaliciousness.blogspot.com/2010/02/open-letter-to-oprah-dr-oz-please-get.html
Thank you,

Gail Jank
Parent to a beautiful 3yr old Type 1 diabetic.”


Featured on DMom :)

So today I am featured on a great blog called DMom. My friend Leighann started this blog and she features amazing Mom’s of children with Type 1 on Mondays. I remember answering these questions for her but as I read the post today I welled up with pride. Not for myself, but for an amazing little girl who deals with this disease every moment of her life. Please take a moment to read the article 🙂


The Big Day!

So as most of you know World Diabetes Day was this past Saturday, November 14th 2009. I had thought long and hard what I could do to commemorate this day. I wanted to do something special, something that would spark conversation so I could raise awareness about this disease, something that I would love! Now there are people out there that would think my decision was a bit on the “Wild” side, and I couldnt agree more! That just kind of sums up my personality. Below is a picture of what I chose to do for the big day. I got a new tattoo with the word “Hope” – it says it all in a nutshell of what I have for my daughter. I also wanted to incorporate the World Diabetes Symbol – the blue circle- into the design to remind people what I hope for:

I have hope that one day there will be a cure for diabetes.

I have hope that one day she wont have to prick her finger over 10x in one day.

I have hope that one day she can eat something without worrying what it will do to her blood sugar.

I have hope that one day she wont be at risk for the multitude of complications that go along with having this disease.

This is how I chose to celebrate World Diabetes Day – and I HOPE it will inspire others. Please help us find a cure.Hope1

So November 14th is World Diabetes Day. A day to bring about awareness all over the world to the massive epidemic that is Diabetes. I kept thinking all weekend, what can I do that would make a difference. August 31, 2008 was the day that forever changed my family and especially my little girl. When we walked into the ER we only thought she had a bad flu, when we left a week later we knew that her life was completely different. Since that day I have immersed myself in all things Diabetes trying to learn what to do for her and how to make her life better with this. Most days I feel like I have a better understanding and then we have days where I think “What the heck are we doing??” Our family and friends have been amazing and so supportive that it has made the transition a lot easier, but as I sit and contemplate what can I possibly do to help the diabetes community I draw a blank.

I have donated money, we walked in our JDRF walk, we have gone to support groups, you name it we are trying to do it. I just feel like this isnt enough. As I sat complaining to one of my girlfriends about this on Friday night she looked at me and said:

“Are you kidding? Look at our huge group of friends and their kids and how much they know about diabetes now. You have taught all the kids more than you know. They all look out for Lane, watch what she eats, make sure she gets tested, and make sure there is not candy around her and they are only ages 3-9! Did you know this when you were a kid? I dont think so. What you have done already is a HUGE step toward making people aware.”

After she said this it really got me thinking – I didnt know anything about diabetes when I was a kid. I even graduated Nursing school and still didnt know much about it besides learning how to test a person’s blood sugar. Was what she said right? Am I really educating people on a daily basis? I believe that I am and it was one of the proudest moments I have had in a long time.

Each of us out there that are touched by diabetes is raising awareness that otherwise would not have been done. They say everything happens for a reason and at the time when Lane was diagnosed this statement made me very angry – “How could this happen for a reason?” – moments like these make it a bit easier to digest – because of her diagnosis I am helping an entire community make their lives a little bit better.

So I say to everyone out there, please help us make November 14th a day to remember. Help us raise awareness about this dreadful disease and maybe one day (hopefully soon) we will have a cure.


So Lane made the big jump from MDI to a pump back in March. After much deliberation we were convinced to go with the One Touch Ping. We had originally wanted the Omnipod due to the fact she was 2yrs old and we didn’t want her to have to deal with the pouch or tubing. We brought our concerns to our Endo and our wishes for the most part were just dismissed. We were told 1- she was just way too young to have the Omnipod. (WRONG) 2- its so bulky she wont like it (WRONG) 3- the Ping can deliver smaller amounts of insulin so its better with her being so little (WRONG AGAIN). After 5 months on the PING, countless tubing issues, numbers still erratic, and my little baby needing a lot more insulin on a daily basis than the Dr. thought – we are back to our original argument, we want her on the Omnipod. So here my journey begins- contacted our Endo- wrote a very long email expressing my wishes and views on how I think this situation was handled and want it rectified and I have contacted Insulet Corp. to get the ball rolling. I don’t know at this point if my insurance is going to go for this new switch but I am going to hound them and hound them until I get the answer I want. My Endo office said they are finally behind us and will most likely be able to do her pump start training first week of September.

Now I have absolutely nothing against One Touch or with the PING, it just isnt a good fit for us. I am praying that we can make this switch with hopefully few glitches but in the world of Diabetes we all know that is asking for a lot. Thank god I have my friends and fellow D community to lean on – its hard enough doing this myself.

Well where do I start, my last post was June 2007 and I can hardly believe it. I didnt think I would ever come back to the blogasphere again but I think there is something to be said about getting your voice out there. To start off my daughter Lane celebrated her 2nd birthday on June 28th, 2008 and shortly thereafter on August 31st, 2008 we rushed her to the ER and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Needless to say I thought my world was ending. In some ways my life before that day did end and a new one began for the entire family. We have been through hell and back since that day and I think our family is stronger because of this. I always thought I was this tough chick who really doesnt get rattled by much but my kids, Cole andLane have me beat by far. I am not sure what our life is going to be like moving forward but I do know we will handle it! Lane has now been living with Diabetes for almost a year andwe have survived. We are pumping now with her pretty pink ping (say that 3x’s really fast!) and Cole starts Kindergarten in August (HOLY COW!) – what a difference a year makes ~

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