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If you haven’t found us already, our Flickr photo/blog site is more active right now.  Just not enough time in the day to keep up with a full fledged blog.  Thanks for viewing and please feel free to add comments to the flickr site:



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There’s No Monsters

With Halloween approaching, I thought I’d share one of Cole’s latest phrases – there’s no monsters. Anytime he goes to the bathroom he confirms with us “there’s no monsters”. He closes the door now by the way. When he’s climbing in bed, “there’s no monsters”. Even if he’s going to the other side of the house alone we hear it. It’s one of those half statement / half question things. Of course, me telling you is not the same as hearing him say it but still, it’s funny.

Now, some may consider this pic of Lane monsterous as well –
(click pic to go to the gallery for more)


More new photos here

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While Mom is away..

Cole picks up tennis and Lane takes the next step in walking (whew).

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So I woke up this morning with complete butterflies in my stomach. Today was the big day. No, not the first day of school. No, not my child’s graduation. It was Lane’s appointment to get her ear’s pierced. Now some might say what’s the big deal? Well if any of you know us than you the know the heated debate over this issue that started when I was pregnant with her. Dave, as many know, was MAJORLY against this. Gail, as everyone knows, was determined to have this done. So like a good wife I waited (wanted to get her done at 6wks) and waited and waited. All the while stating my opinions and reasons. It felt like it was falling on deaf ears. So over the weekend I showed Dave a picture of Lane with earrings photo-shopped on, and much to my surprise was not completely opposed to it!! I almost had a heart attack right there on the couch, thank god my MIL was in town so I had a witness. So made the appointment, took her in, and she looks FABULOUS!!! I couldn’t believe it – hardly any tears!! It was great. So then the hard part came, when was Dave going to notice, what was Dave going to say. So finally I showed him and he wasn’t crazy mad! Thank god. He does want smaller earrings though so I will agree to let him pick out the next pair. OK so what does everyone think? Leave thoughts in comments!birthdays-07-064-small.jpg

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Birthday Month

June is birthday month in this Jank household – Gail 17th, Cole 19th, David 26th, Lane 28th.  Cole kicks things off with his new present – this massive water slide.  He owns it as you’ll see in these pictures.  (Click pic to see more)

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I’m not quite sure this is what my sister had in mind when she bought Cole a brand new chair for his birthday. Apparently someone (or some dog shall we say) had other intentions. Just goes to show you who really runs the house.


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Parenting 101

This is a little tip for all of you parents out there. Never allow your child to woof down an adult portion of chicken quesadillas and large sprite – then putting your child in the car if you dont feel like cleaning vomit and having the smell stay with you no matter how hard you try to forget it. Meanwhile during this fiasco the princess could not be bothered and decided to chill on the couch and have a drink.



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