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Bill Maher on Crocs

Yes it’s been awhile since our last post.  I’ve been trying to spend most of my online time getting ready for the football season – pools, fantasy, etc.  But this update on the earlier I Hate Crocs piece just had to be brought to you.  Bill Maher gets on the bandwagon, watch..


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Paul Potts again

Here is his final performance.  He did in fact win.  

Here is the semi-final..

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Amazing performance

And he’s a cellphone salesman.  Moving..

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I Hate Crocs dot com

That is the name of a blog I found today that is devoted to hating crocs and promoting their demise.  If you don’t know, crocs are these plastic or rubberized, no-heeled shoes that are popular with some people, including our son Cole.  I think they may have gained popularity within the medical field as you often see them worn by nurses and doctors in the hospital.  In fact, I just recalled that my brother has been seen in them and he’s a Dr.  Hmm.  So, a friendly debate developed today as to the merits of crocs, including their safety.  Personally, I don’t like them.  But Cole does.  Maybe we’ll get him upgraded to flips one day when his little toes can master the flipflop technique.  We’re not going to go into the details of the debate right here.  You decide if you like them or not, but you should be aware of their safety concerns.  Warning, semi-graphic site.

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